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Some perspective on perspective. You’re a solipsist and you don’t even know it.


Human presence, light pollution

Human presence, light pollution (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Population Clock, provided by the US Census Bureau. You must go there and watch the population clock go up for a bit to feel what I felt. Do it.

In the US: A human is born every 8 seconds (on average). A human dies every 12 seconds (on average). Worldwide, it looks like there’s a net gain of 3 humans every SECOND.

Naturally, it’s not like I was unaware that there are over 7 billion human beings on this planet. Nevertheless, a static number does not make one feel quite as insignificant as a dynamic rate seems to.

Just consider that. Somewhere on this planet, within every third of a second (at most, but taking deaths into account probably less), a woman is becoming a new or more of a mother, a man is becoming a new or more of a father, a family is welcoming a newcomer, someone is now a sister or a brother, a newborn is taking its first breath of the atmosphere with its own lungs.

In many cases, this third of a second where, statistically, an abstract number increases by 1, has been preceded by several hours of labor by the child-bearer, with several hours of stress and concern by her friends and family. It has been preceded by even more months of preparation and anticipation. It has been preceded by more emotion, expectations, worries, and hopes than I personally can even comprehend, never having gone through this myself. All of this then comes to a critical point, somewhere on this planet, for some family, for some woman, for some new human, every THIRD of a second, constantly, without a break, without stopping, AT ALL.

Honestly, I can not say exactly HOW that makes me feel. The knowledge that so much human emotional energy is constantly in flux around one very specific sort of event, being in this case childbirth, makes all of my petty concerns seem…

Then I remember that I am not even CONSIDERING the end of a life. I am not considering that while there may have been the net gain of 260,000 people in a 24 hour period, that the other 7 BILLION people (26923 times as many people; Note, assuming, illogically, a linear model, it would take 73 years of consistent net gains of the same rate as today to reach our current population) have their own emotional flux ongoing. 7 billion human beings breathing the same gaseous matrix of atmosphere as I am; walking on this same heterogeneous lump of matter as I am; consuming and defecating and laughing and kissing and making love and snorkeling and sleeping and putting on shoes and picking their nose… and who am I? Who are you? Whether you call yourself one or not or even know what the word means, I have never quite realized how solipsistic every microcosmic consciousness really is until just this moment.

I think that it’s about time we get some perspective on perspective.

I shall fight for truth. I support the war on ignorance

I will fight for Truth. The War on Ignorance starts now.

Your womb is full of tiny dead baby corpses.

This is so close to being the straw that breaks the camels back. I literally almost can not take it anymore. I can not and will not live in a country where such a large proportion of the population is so willfully ignorant and uses their religious beliefs to guide what aspects of science and reality they choose to take as truth.

The United States was once a great nation. We used to be at the cutting edge of all scientific disciplines. We pushed forward the frontiers of universal understanding. Our quality of life was relatively incredible compared to essentially every other country. Our knowledge of medicine, biology, chemistry, engineering, and so on was utterly unsurpassed. Fundamentalism did not used to be so mainstream, although starting with the Scopes Trial, it started to gain traction in the National Spotlight. It did not used to be sinful to want to have an accurate understanding of the universe. Now, we have near 50% of the country who think that scientists and other such thinkers have an agenda to promote godlessness and faux-environmentalism for the benefit of liberalism run amok.

I don’t know if I can take it. I don’t know if I should. But, running away is really not the answer. This country still has all of the promise and resources it once did, but the values that a huge population embraces are completely backwards and downright immoral in the wake of need for human enlightenment given the tribulations that the world is and will be facing.

Citizens and residents of the United States, lovers of science, thinkers of thoughts, those who treasure rational discourse for the sake of understanding, movers of technological and societal advancement, please, I beg of you, remain not docile. We must stand up against this absolute ignorance that is plaguing the minds of so many in this once great nation. We can not sit around motionless and allow our governance to be affected by such foolish fundamentalist beliefs. If you have the ability to communicate truth to those whose minds are absent of it, to those who actively perpetuate their own false comprehension of reality to the masses, please no longer allow it to slide. These are leaders of government, teachers, professors, parents, bloggers, journalists, bankers, small business owners, friends, enemies, and most importantly children. We can not allow the fundamentalist gobbledygook to disseminate to the most impressionable.

There is no force more destructive, more malicious, more truly immoral, in this age of information and absolute potential, than willful and defensive ignorance. We who can do, must do what we can to bring an end to this insufferable tragedy of national intelligence.

Please. We, the thinkers, must declare war on ignorance. Do not allow one more casualty to fall. Truth can save billions of lives.