Delicioso Science and Philosophy

Highly Edible Information and Knowledge-bits that Flow From my Mind

This blog shall contain the thoughts and concerns of myself. Who am I? As a matter of fact, I am a human molecular biologist, currently in training, with an all encompassing passion for curiosity.

I tend to get inspired and write many paragraphs about science I may or may not be directly involved in. If I am writing about the Biology of Aging, aging associated disease, or metabolism, or biology/biochemistry in general, you should feel quite confident I have some idea what I’m talking about as this is what I do; this is what I love.

However, as a clever triple word play on my part, the portmanteau of Delicioso Science and Philosophy (DelicioSciPhi) may also be spoken aloud as Delicio SyFy. As such, I am also an avid fan of science fiction and fantasy in any medium and may occasionally bring to your attention reviews of books and whatnot related to these genres. As a scientist, science fiction and fantasy inspire me to push the line of discovery forward, beyond conventional imagination, beyond conventional wisdom.

“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic” – Arthur C. Clarke

For now, you may call me Elliot Delicioso.

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