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A sense of scale

The Multiverse is a pretty big place.

So large, in fact, that it has been said that every possible event, past or future, that ever could happen has or will occur in at least one universe within The Multiverse. Just take every choice you’ve thought of making and fill up a multiverse with them. That would represent your own personal bubble of cosmic possibilities. Now, take every independent entity that has ever and ever will exist and fill up all of those multiverses. That might just make up The Multiverse, capital letters and all. But, that’s assuming that such a place is only made up of all of the known possibilities any independent entity could have been aware of, or at least been ignorantly predisposed to. Unfortunately for our comprehension of such a place, it is more likely that The, capital lettered, Multiverse actually contains all of those personal bubbles in addition to every possibility that ever could have even possibly been possible. Yes, The Multiverse is a place that contains the remnants of every event that could have ever and will ever possibly happen whether or not it was even actively conceived of by an independent entity while going about in their own personal bubble of cosmic possibilities, which almost definitely although not only fills up what is called The Multiverse. The Multiverse is a really big place.


3 thoughts on “A sense of scale

    1. deliciosciphi Post author

      Indeed! I think it should bring much hope knowing that within this multiverse that we call home, anything we hope, dream, or wish for exists, in some form, within an adjacent universe. It is simply up to us to navigate ourselves through the cosmic bubbles to find that universe where our dreams are manifest. Humans once only dreamed of taking to the skies in flight. But simply by using science and technology as a vessel to sail through the universal walls, flight is now second nature to us. It may not be that humans have yet found a way to “Will” ourselves into levitation so that we could meet up with some friends on top of Everest for a bottle of Cabernet sauvignon, but within the confines and limits imposed by the multiverse, fly we do.


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