Mission Post

Hello World!

Dear Reader,
This blog shall contain the thoughts and concerns of myself. Who am I? As a matter of fact, I am a human molecular biologist, currently in training, with an all encompassing passion for curiosity. I think many thoughts and know many… knowings… or maybe knowledge-bits is a better and edgier term that I have just invented.

The goal and mission of this blog shall be multipronged. Regarding science, DelicioSciPhi (DSP or DeSaP or whatever is catchy enough that you’ll want to say it out loud to your coolest friends) will provide information about cutting edge science, particularly that which I am most familiar with through my own studies. This primarily includes molecular biology and genetics with a focus on the biology of aging and aging associated disease, as this is what I work on most closely. Due to the nature of aging biology however, I may also touch on nutrition and metabolism (diabetes) in addition to degenerative disease (Alzheimer’s).

A second prong juts into the realm of philosophy. I do not tend to do a whole lot of name dropping in my philosophical exploits and hope this will allow our discourse to be more accessible to any who wish to discuss their own ideas. Much of my thoughts that might be considered philosophical are derived from my own internal discourse. Thus, it is possible that some of my ideas may have already been established by well known philosophers that I have never encountered. If I seem to neglect crediting them, it is not because I am intentionally plagiarizing, but more likely that I have simply never been introduced to their work. It is the case that I have taken multiple courses on philosophy in my undergraduate life in addition to many independent readings on the topic. I am likely influenced by specific individuals or schools of thought without even realizing it and I apologize, again, if I neglect to cite them. Simply inform me of my error, allow me to read their stuff and see how it compares to what I think.

Regarding truth, I believe it is the moral duty of human beings to seek out truth, whether it be objective or even subjective. “Subjective truth????!!!!!11”, I envision your mind screaming. Well, of course, many consider objective truth to be the more true truth, especially those pedantic as hell objectivists (not the Ayn Rand kind). But subjective truth has its own importance. In the absence of a well or even semi-established objective truth, subjective truth is all that remains. Subjective truth is that which a sentient being may believe, their instincts, feelings, musings, or simply thoughts that fill a hole in their worldview all can take the role of subjective truth. I do believe, however, in the face of objective truth, an individual’s subjective truth must bow down and accept that which is, again, the truer truth. Many of my criticisms of humanity shall likely derive from the simple inability of people to sacrifice their subjective truths in light of a contrary objective truth.

But, there is one thing that I think must be understood. Can an observer of the universe ever actually contain within them the knowledge of objective truth? By definition, objective truth is that which exists outside of the mind. However, it is, whether you really realize it or not, absolutely impossible for a human being to exit their mind and move freely through the information flow of the multiverse. All a human observer can possiblhave is subjective truth. But, said human observer must align their subjective truth with the apparent objective truth once they become aware of it. Otherwise, this human being shall forever be considered by all others as irrational.

I shall bring you my own subjective truth, that which I feel is closest to objective truth. It is up to you to decide if you accept it as your own subjective truth. But, don’t be upset if I call you irrational upon your refusal to adopt that which can be demonstrated as objective truth beyond a reasonable doubt. Unless you are just one of those annoying types that just loves being unreasonable.



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